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HHV Crystals is India’s premier watch crystal manufacturing company with over 25 years of expertise in manufacturing intricate and complex watch crystals at global quality standards. HHV Crystals is a subsidiary of Hind High Vacuum Company Pvt. Ltd (HHV)

By leveraging over five decades of HHV’s expertise in vacuum science and technology development and manufacturing, HHV Crystals has established state-of-the-art machinery and operations that ensure repeatability for mass production. HHV Crystals manufactures plain, metalized, and printed watch crystals of any size and profile that can be customized to the customer's requirements. HHV Crystals provides end to end manufacturing as well as in-process services. HHV Crystals' manufacturing facility and processes are certified by the international quality certification authority. 

25 Yrs+

Manufacturing Experience

6 Mil+

Manufacturing Capacity


Manufacturing and Quality Specialists


Product Profiles


HHV Crystals has state of the art machinery and precise manufacturing standards that meet the exacting requirements of the horology industry.

HHV Crystals have been rated highly at exhibitions in Basel and Hong Kong. Our facility allows for customized products at scale. HHV Crystals produce high-quality crystals by profile grinding to different shapes, surface polishing of shaped and curved crystals, and coating of polished crystals in diverse colours. Our specialized watch crystal line includes Cylindrical and Spherical Plano Convex Crystals; Concavo Convex Crystals; Single and Multi Facet Crystals; Circular and Shaped Flat Crystals; Direct and Optical Bent Crystals and Inner Radii Crystals. HHV Crystals manufactures over 6 million watch crystals every year. 


Forty-five contouring machines which have got the capability to contour variety of.. 


Four spindle and six spindle bevel creation and polishing machines that creat Four.. 


Five double side lapping machines are used to bring crystals to desired thickness..


Sixteen double side surface polishing machines with variable speed and.. 


Four custom designed coating units metallize custom colours and standard colours such..


Six optical and vacuum bending machines bend plaing glasses to different radius of.. 

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Screen Printing and Etching 

Several screen printing machines with highly skilled technicians are capable of printing..

Ultrasonic Cleaning

To manufacture the highest quality crystals four automated ultrasonic cleaning..


To ensure world class quality our facilities are equipped with Profile Projectors to ensure..


R and D

Experts are available to work on new developments with the facilities available. Custom shapes, coatings, and printing can be proto-typed by our team within short turn around times. This creates a basis for lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual understanding. We are devoted to creating unique and innovative solutions with high-quality support services.


Customizable Watch Profiles

HHV Crystals uses the best raw material to ensure our watch crystals have the highest optical clarity. The profile of the watch crystal has a predominant influence on the design of the watch and determines the watches key characteristics. HHV Crystals produces Plain, Metallized and Printed watch crystals, with single or double bevel (N3) polishing in a variety of profiles and colours.


Single Facet


Multiple Facet


Flat - Circular/Shaped


Dome - Direct/Optical Bend


Plano Convex - Cylindrical


Plano Convex - Spherical


Concavo Convex


Inner Radius



Heading photo


HHV Crystals has recently developed indigenous multi-faceted glasses for the watch industry.

HHV’s horology division has recently developed multi-faceted glasses for the watch industry. This crystal has multiple faces which will give a more aesthetic look for the wrist watches. This product has applications in the jewelry industry like stones and beads, and wrist watch industry in high end watches. 


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