HHV Crystals

HHV Crystals


HHV Crystals has state of the art machinery and precise manufacturing standards that meet the exacting requirements of the horology industry

HHV Crystals have been rated highly at exhibitions in Basel and Hong Kong. Our facility allows for customized products at scale. HHV Crystals produce high quality crystals by profile grinding to different shapes, surface polishing of shaped and curved crystals and coating of polished crystals in diverse colours. Our specialized watch crystal line includes Cylindrical and Spherical Plano Convex Crystals; Concavo Convex Crystals; Single and Multi Facet Crystals; Circular and Shaped Flat Crystals; Direct and Optical Bent Crystals and Inner Radii Crystals. HHV Crystals manufactures over 4 million watch crystals every year. 


Forty-five contouring machines which have got the capability to contour variety of configurations such as circular, squares, rectangular, oval, and all odd shapes. Machines can give any configuration within 20 microns accuracy and shape crystals of 4.0 mm to 70.0 mm in diameter. These machines also create negative radius. They can handle glass of thickness ranging from 0.8 mm to 5.0 mm.


Four spindle and six spindle bevel creation and polishing machines that create a single or double side, 45 degree polished bevel that is free of edge chipping. These machines can polish crystals to N3 standards.


Five double side lapping machines are used to bring crystals to desired thickness and the parallelism. The accuracy achievable in thickness is 10 microns and the parallelism better than 3 arc minutes. Working range is from 4.0 mm to 70.0 mm in diameter. 


Sixteen double side surface polishing machines with variable speed and pneumatic pressure are used to work on flat crystals. These machines can create polished surfaces without any scratches and sleeks meeting Horological standards. To work on curved crystals several cylindrical polishing machines are available.


Four custom designed coating units metallize custom colours and standard colours such as gold, silver, rose gold and dark grey. The entire coating process is automated. Our coatings ensure crystal clarity and deposit defect free coatings for maximum uniformity and luster. All our coatings withstand all druability tests. 


Six optical and vacuum bending machines bend plaing glasses to different radius of domes. These machines are essential to produce curved crystals.

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Screen Printing and Etching 

Several screen printing machines with highly skilled technicians are capable of printing 20 micron line widths. Our facility has etching capability to achieve a variety of patterns as per customer requirements.  

Ultrasonic Cleaning

To manufacture the highest quality crystals four automated ultrasonic cleaning machines are established to ensure crystals are free from oil, cerium oxide and other contaminants. These machines are used at several stages of crystal manufacturing.


To ensure world class quality our facilities are equipped with Profile Projectors to ensure dimensional accuracy, Toughness Testing Equipment to test the crystals mechanical strength, Spectrophotometers to measure optical parameters, and a complete environmental testing laboratory with Humidity Chambers, Thermal Chambers, Salt Soak Testing Equipment and Corrosion Testing Equipment. To test coating durability coated crystals are kept in the Humidity Chamber for 24 hours at 150°C, put through a Salt Solubility Test (3.7% of NaCl2)y, placed in a corrosion chamber to test the corrosion effect and then finally tested for Adhesion and Abrasion. Our highly experienced, 14 member, quality team check visual defects such as sleeks, scratches, smudges etc.